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June 18, 2018 NYS Senate and Assembly passed our bill to create the Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct. Now on to the Governor for signature. (see our Weekly Watch for additional details here)

Citizens dedicated to ending Prosecutorial Misconduct

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In the

New York Criminal Justice System, 

Wrongful Prosecutions

Affect Everyone !!

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Who is Watching over the Prosecutors ??

What is Wrongful Prosecution?

Wrongful Prosecution -

Prosecutions undertaken and continued in violation of state ethics laws, case law,or statutory requirements.

Wrongful Prosecution enabled because in our system of Justice, Prosecutors have no oversight or accountability.

Listen to comments of Professor Ben Gershman Law professor at Pace Law School and former Prosecutor, who has study this area extensively.

How is the coalition helping?

Since our founding in 2009, the "It Could Happen To You" coalition  has achieved several milestones in our journey for criminal justice reform.

We are now on the cusp of having the New York State Senate and Assembly pass legislation to create an independent commission to oversee the conduct of Prosecutors in the New York State Criminal justice system, working with the Prosecutors to promote best practices.

A commission having the power to investigate complaints and hold Prosecutors accountable if they commit misconduct or clear Prosecutors being falsely accused of misconduct.

Listen to New York State Senator DeFrancisco's comments on the creation of the commission.


Assemblyman Nick Perry comments on the need for a Commission


New York State will be the first state in the Nation to take this bold step to end Prosecutor Misconduct.

However now more than ever we need your help and support.

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