"It Could Happen To You"

Our History

After being falsely accused, Bill Bastuk vowed to funnel his experience into positive action. Hence, It Could Happen To YOU was formed. “No resident or visitor of the United States should ever be subject to this broken system of justice. Rest assured that It Could Happen To YOU will battle for long overdue oversight and reform,” Bill Bastuk.

See How It Happened To You to post your own story and read a full accounts of other people falsely accused. It Could Happen To YOU is a nonprofit organization [501 (c) (3)] dedicated to serving the needs of the falsely accused.

Read Mr. Bastuk's full story.

Our Tenets and Our Strategy

  • You could be falsely accused.
  • You are innocent until proven guilty.
  • You are legally entitled to all evidence in the prosecutor’s possession prior to presentation.
  • You, the accused, should have your name protected from the public until either convicted or acquitted.
  • Falsely accusing you threatens the community at large allowing the true felon to stay on the streets and commit other crimes.

Our Mission

  • Increase the public’s awareness of the many forms of Prosecutorial Misconduct that there are no consequences for.
  • Monitor legislation and news pertinent to the judicial and law-enforcement systems.
  • Promote reforms.
  • Educate and mobilize citizens to demand that public policy be altered to better protect the rights of the innocent.
  • Serve as a source of invaluable support, resources and information for those wrongly accused.