Servants of Justice Awards

The It Could Happen To You, Servants of Justice Awards were established to recognize public officials and citizens who strive to protect and advance common sense principals of justice to make the criminal justice system fail and equal for all.

In the inaugural year of the Servants of Justice Awards, It Could Happen To You honored three individuals at banquets in Brooklyn, NY on October 24th and Buffalo, NY on October 29th. Over 100 political, community and business leaders gathered at these events for justice reform.

Assemblyman Joseph Lentol of Brooklyn, New York was awarded the Public Servant of Justice Award for his leadership in working to advance the right of the accused and the defense lawyers called to represent them.  Fundamental is that DA’s be required to follow 3 Common Sense A’s; provide the defense of the accused: All the Evidence, Automatically, at Arraignment

Check back for more announcements on the Current Servants of Justice Award Banquet