Facts You Need to Know,

It has been said that numbers simply do not lie.

The data below demonstrates the need for a New York to be the First State in the County to Establish a Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct. As of December 2016, the National Registry of Exonerations list 2,111 exonerations across the United States. The following is data pertinent to New York.

  • When ranked by States, New York ranks second in the country with 233 exonerations behind the state of Texas with 326 exoneration (see complete list of exoneration per state).
  • New York being the second highest in the country demonstrates the need for criminal justice reform.
  • Within New York the counties with the highest are 1) King County (64) 2) Bronx County (37) and 2) New York County (32). (see complete list of exoneration per county in New York State).
  • The 233 exonerations in New York account for 2695 years an innocent person was incarcerated in New York State.  “It Could Happen to YOU” has determined that of the 233 exonerations xx% were a result of prosecutor misconduct.

The cost of Wrongful prosecutions effect everyone, New York State must pass legislation to establish a Commission on Prosecutor Conduct.

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For a complete list of exoneration refer to The National Registry of Exonerations.